About Us

Hades UK have travelled a long and peculiar path through the fabric of time to adorn you with the finest steampunk Victorian footwear.

In our own time we experimented with materials and techniques until we could create the most highly desirable shoes in the land. Mechanical slaves driven by cogs and steam forged each pair, before our master cobblers added finishing touches and agonisingly scrutinised the quality of their minions' work. Only the most perfect examples escaped being cast into the furnace. These methods and attendtion to detail have been brought with us to your modern world so that we can ensure that all of our products are exceptional.

Hades UK believe that you should stride elegantly into your own adventures. A Lady's first step onto the marbled floor, the station platform or the polished deck of an air ship should exude confidence. As your heel rings an impressive note with each stride, and steam mixes with smoke and fog all around, you will be the only thing noticed emerging from the cloud.

Much like a golden watch stands out against a mountain of bronze, with shoes to perfectly complement your look Hades UK are sure that you will draw more than a passing glance with our steampunk stylings.

For more information about Hades UK, including our latest catalogue and press information, please see www.hades-uk.com.